Who's involved?

We are a movement comprised of Arizona voters determined to protect the rights of Arizona voters – the rights we've enjoyed for 107 years.

The plaintiffs include Matt Madonna; Sandy Bahr, Animal Defense League of Arizona, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, Arizona Advocacy Network and Friends of the Arizona School Board Association. 

Who's paying for this?

From education supporters to animal welfare organizations, money is being raised from and by a diverse, non-partisan set of community organizations and leaders. Updates will be posted here, regularly. Individual donors can mail checks to checks to Voters of Arizona, c/o S360, 621 N. 5th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003.

Why should we care?

These bills defy the constitutionally-granted tool that built our freeways, eliminated (and restored) the death penalty, created the Arizona Lottery, ensured legal cockfighting came to an end, taxed cigarettes to fund public-health programs, improved our schools, guaranteed elected officials couldn’t draw their own gerrymandered districts, required proof of citizenship to vote, protected private property from egregious eminent-domain seizure and allowed for gaming on tribal lands.